Group & Family Therapy

Group Therapy

Embrace Wellness Hub offers group therapy programs throughout the year for children, adolescents and adults. Group therapy is a great way to broaden your range of psychological treatment with the support and motivation of peers. Our group numbers are kept small, generally consisting of 6-10 participants.

Under the Better Access Initiative, individuals may be eligible for 10 individual and 10 group Medicare rebateable therapy sessions each calendar year. To be eligible for a rebate for a group session, you will require a referral from your GP (under a Mental Health Treatment Plan) or a referral from your treating Psychiatrist or Pediatrician.

For a list of dates and fees, please contact the Embrace reception on (07) 3906 8888 or email

Family Therapy

Embrace recognises that families come in all different shapes and sizes. Family units may be blended, single-parent, extended, or adopted. In most cases, the primary aim of family therapy is to facilitate understanding and collaboration among family members in order to achieve more harmonious and healthy relationships. As all families are unique, Embrace Psychologists tailor their approach to best suit your family’s needs and aim to remain impartial throughout the duration of therapy.

Family therapy is intended for any family who may be struggling with a variety of concerns affecting their family unit. Family therapy can assist with:

  • Child behaviour issues such as tantrums, school refusal,
    parent-child conflict, adolescent drug and alcohol problems,
    as well as gaming and social media problems

  • Family conflict or violence

  • Grief and loss

  • Depression and/or anxiety

  • Difficulties in adjusting to changes in family circumstances
    such as the birth of a first baby, parenting adolescents,
    separation and divorce, blended families etc.

  • Child protection concerns

  • Establishing boundaries

  • Substance use problems or addictions

If you believe your family or members of your family would benefit from seeing an Embrace Psychologist, please contact our reception on (07) 3906 8888 or email

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