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Embrace offers 1-on-1 therapy sessions with our psychologists to help support you through challenging life experiences using evidence-based treatment approaches. Embrace Psychologists are also WorkCover approved providers.

Embrace offers both family and group therapy sessions as part of our portfolio of services. Our sessions are tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Embrace psychologists are trained in administering cognitive assessments for children and adults, as well as conducting Work Cover assessments.

Offering diet and nutrition advice, our dietitian tailors recommendations, advice and plans to suit each individual's goals and unique situation.

Why our psychologists?

Seeking the services of a psychologist can feel quite daunting and it is not uncommon for clients to report feeling anxious prior to their first session. At Embrace Wellness Hub, we endeavour to make your experience as comfortable and streamlined as possible. Embrace provides services to people of all ages, genders, sexualities, and cultural backgrounds. We strive to be responsive to your individual needs, without compromising excellence in our service delivery.

At your initial appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals with the psychologist to determine how to best meet your current needs.

About Us

Embrace Wellness Hub specialises in providing psychology and dietetic services to the Brisbane Bayside community. Operating as a program of Silky Oaks Children’s Haven, Embrace practitioners strive to assist children, young people and families to reach their full potential. Embrace utilise a holistic approach when assisting with all health issues and concerns.

Getting Help

Embrace psychologists can help to overcome a range of issues and concerns. Some of the areas we can help you with include:










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